Waiting for Spring

horned lizardI haven’t seen him (or her) yet.  Every year as I wonder whether fickle Spring has finally decided to stop her teasing, I also wait with some apprehension about whether the horned lizard will pay a visit. Then a day comes when I am in the backyard busy doing nothing but enjoying the warmth of the sun.  And it happens when least expected, with a suddenness that stops me, as is the rule for these kind of events.  I catch a movement out of the corner of my eye and peering at the ground I see him. I pretend he is the same one as last year and call him ‘my old friend’. This is when I know Spring is here to stay.

an old friend arrives
with the fresh winds of spring
a pleasant surprise

Home, Tweet, Home

bird in saguaro cavityI found this lucky bird at the Tucson Desert Museum in Arizona last winter.  It appears to have scored some prime real estate.  The cavity in this Saguaro cactus was probably created by a Gila Woodpecker or Gilded Flicker.  The woodpeckers excavate a new nest every year, leaving the old, now-empty cavities behind for some fortunate bird to find.