Into the Rocks

granite dellsI drive seven minutes from my house, past the supermarket, past the car dealership, and turn off on a side road leading to the park.  It is not a large town but as I drive I see hills covered in houses side by side and feel the rush of a four lane road. Once off the main road and into the park things change.  Only two cars in the lot, one of which has emptied a couple who sit on the dock at the lake and the other has disengorged someone with a spotting scope looking for water birds. I take off on foot down the path amazed that no one else has entered this landscape. Choosing to take a short two mile loop I enter another world.  I like this world, full of opportunities to sit and watch, listen to the wind, and watch birds go about their business.

walking softly
into this landscape
silence speaks

Haibun: The Bird and I

pipitI walk across the street into the park, coming closer to the small lake surrounded by granite rocks. I have been here many times and try to open my eyes to see and wonder at what I might see.  Sometimes something appears, something happens, maybe it is small, or maybe it only seems small, but still it can be wonderful. The narrow dirt path leads into the rocks and when not expecting, an interaction occurs. Not expecting, a moment in between, just there. That is when I see the small bird on a rock and I think it is looking at me. What me does it see?

locking eyes
seeing each other
what do we see