Christmas Trees

chrismas treesStrolling around the courthouse square among the decorated trees is surreal as sound and laughter fills the air.  On Acker Night musicians of all stripes gather to entertain.  The evening chill is shed by entering a shop and soaking in the warmth of melodies.  This is an epic journey of a hundred halls.  Thousands come to celebrate the music and fellowship leaving only smiles.

multicolored trees
sentinels against the cold
music fills the air

Just wandering

pipe springWinter is less than a week away although in a relative way.  Latitudes, altitudes, attitudes come into play.  On this almost winter day I went for a walk in the forest, nothing more than for a walk, in a landscape of pink granite mountains whose offspring littered the ground.  And came across this oddity.  An iron pipe curiously protruding from a granite block.  A spring long dry.

decades of iron
stain a piece of rock
forgotten now

A Walk in a Canyon

Late October we traveled to Escalante, Utah, turned off on the Hole in the Rock road and drove down the rough dirt track for many miles through a seemingly barren landscape before pulling off to the side.   Shouldering packs we dropped into a small canyon which deepened gradually thousands of years into the earth.  The silence was punctuated by the descending call of a canyon wren.  Soon the path became an unlikely stream fed by hidden seeps and springs.  One step followed another in the cool water, each one lost as another was found, and laughter reflected in each others eyes.  Quiet prevailed, precious quiet outside and in, and there was no other place to be.

a small stream meanders
around deep canyon walls
splashing feet echo

jacob arch


sculptureThe local two year college has a wonderful garden, quite large, with walking paths.  It is a peaceful place full of shading trees and sculptures.  We took a stroll on a warm summer day, sometimes stopping just to be here and enjoy. No one else around which strikes me as unfortunate as it is so lovely and with so much effort and creativity embodied here.  Towards one corner we left the garden and walked behind the maintenance area and came upon an unexpected delight.  In the dusty lot there was a small arrangement of metal sculptures with a plaque attributing the art to someone.  The surprise of it made me stop, and be, for a few moments.

warm summer day
delicate metal sculptures
reach for the sky

Arizona Monsoon

damselfly on rockThe summer monsoon continues here in Arizona.  The word creates a dissonance just as it brings much needed rain.  I have always associated monsoons with far away, exotic places, India and Southeast Asia, weather patterns to learn before embarking on a journey.  The word elicits a memory of a magazine photo of men wading hip deep through murky water on a street in India.  Better avoid that.  But on the television news last night I saw a similar scene, flash flooding in the usually dry washes in Phoenix, with a car almost completely submerged and rescue workers helping people to safety.  Apparently this is a monsoon by all definitions, regularly occurring at this time of year due to yearly changes in weather patterns.  The local lake is receiving life giving water and I took a short walk to take a look.

visiting the lake
after a summer storm
damselfly poses

Tiny Garden: Fresno Chilies

fresno chileAfter sunset and a brief thunderstorm I went to check on the tiny garden.  We have a couple of pots of Fresno chiles.  I have never tasted one but research says it is hotter than the Serranos.  We shall see.  The ones I see in the supermarket are red so we are waiting for more maturation here.  I am encouraged by the blush of red on this one.

brief thunderstorm
nurturing the garden
peppers sweat