Tiny Garden: Serrano Chilies

IMG_7152There is not much room  in several dimensions for gardening at this house.  Digging down less than a foot, hard rock is encountered.  However the satisfaction from watching something edible grow overcomes many obstacles.  Serrano and Fresno chilies seem happy in medium sized pots.  So far, so good.  Thinking about raised beds next year.

summer lingers
waiting for harvest
chilies gather heat

Looking at Raven

raven in treeOn a breezy spring day I walk into a riparian area.  I don’t expect anything but on the other hand I know surprises can appear at any time.  This is the beauty of this walk.  Not expecting, just being here, and experiencing wonder at whatever appears.  Walking through the corridor of trees flows like consciousness. My tunnel of experience stretches out into the immediate surroundings and it is like I am in a bubble, just what is here, with no thought to what lies outside.  A raven cries and looks down as I look up.  There we are.  That is all there is at the moment.

on a clear spring day
a raven appears and cries
and I look up